Our Commitment

At Seacoast Energy Alternatives, Inc. we believe that whatever your motive, energy conservation is a good thing for your home, your community, and the planet.

We’re here to help bring solar power and other energy options to your home or business. Our retail location has a variety of products that you can see and feel for yourself, and our experienced staff is available to answer questions and consult on your next project.

Seacoast Energy Alternatives Inc has assembled a wide range of products to help you find ways to cut your energy consumption. From our economical Camp System for generating electricity for your small vacation home, to full blown hot water and electric systems for your daily life. Seacoast Energy Alternatives is committed to offering products that will help us all save energy.

Why Use Less Energy?

A better question is why not. Energy prices are spiraling upward again, or at least enough for us all to take notice. But the ugly truth is oil, on average, gets 8-11% more expensive every year based on the US Government’s 25 year records. An even better question is what is the benefit for using ever more energy? If someone can answer this question, we’re all ears. But in general we hear our parents and grand parents reminding us to “waste not, want not.”

Jack Bingham - Seacoast Energy Alternatives Why Choose Us?

At Seacoast Energy Alternatives we are working to lower our carbon footprint and hopefully yours, too. In the process we do not grab our vendors by the short hairs and pull until their prices drop. We believe manufacturers are entitled to a fair price for their wares. We also believe that local retailers have an important role to play helping us all find nearby sources for good products. As one of them, we feel it is fair for us to receive a reasonable profit from selling goods to you. The reality of the marketplace today is that many big box stores can apply so much pressure on manufacturers that they can sell products to you for far less than what we can buy them wholesale. LED light bulbs, for instance, can be found in the big box world for substantially less then we can buy them. However, we stock a good selection of quality bulbs because we think we sell them at a fair price and they are a key to our goal of wise energy consumption.

Inside the SEA Solar Store One of the things we can do very well, that big box stores would never bother to do, is find you that special product to meet a specific need. We’re happy to go looking for something new for you because there’s a good chance we’ll want to carry it. What matters most as the energy crisis continues to escalate is our use of local resources. Buying close to home helps us all. Local businesses do far more than provide products for us to buy. They also help stimulate the local economy because the money stays local. Local banks, accountants and numerous other businesses all benefit from keeping our money in the neighborhood.

At a local unnamed big box store recently I discovered that the entire product mix was controlled from out of town. I could not find a water heater that ran on propane. Oddly enough the heat in the store was controlled from out of town, too, and while it was sunny and warm in Atlanta, it was freezing in the local big box store. These are both good examples of how economies of scale mess with the normal flow of information and commerce.

We moved...how come?

Our friends at white Mountain Pools purchased a new building just south on route 108. They did not have space for us in the new store and we have been pondering whether the retail side of the business is something we wanted to continue. What we concluded was that solar electric and hot water systems were really where we wanted to concentrate. That being said we have created a “storelet” at the new White Mountain Pool store where you can get information about our offerings and also pick up composting toilet supplies.

We are available to meet you at a location that is most convenient for you.

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