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NH Hot Water Credits

THe NH PUC received a huge chunk of money from the Alternative Compliance Payment scheme this July. They were expecting 3-4 million and got 19 million instead. We currently await a decision on how that money might be spent, but regardless it looks like the current rebate structure is secure at least for this year.

With the new Wagner Secusol system at around $10,000.00 this rebate and the federal 30%tax credit make the system under 5 grand. If you happen to live in the NHEC territory there’s another $750.00.

Current rebate levels are as follows:

Residential Hot water: rebates ranging from $1,500 to $1,900, depending on system size, for qualified solar water heating and space heating systems on primary residences in New Hampshire.

Commercial Hot Water: For solar thermal systems the incentive level is $0.07 per thousand-Btu per year ($0.12 per thousand-Btu/year for systems of fifteen collectors or fewer in size), up to $50,000.  This program is open to non-profits, businesses, public entities, and other non-residential entities.

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Solar Electric Rebates

At present there are rebates for both residential and commercial installation available.

Residential PV: Rebate levels are $.75 per watt of panel rated power up to $3,750, or 50% of the total facility cost, whichever is less.

Commercial PV: The incentive levels for solar electric systems are $0.80 per Watt D/C, up to $50,000

Bulk Pellet Delivery Credit

Funding for the Residential Bulk-Fuel Fed Residential Wood-Pellet Boiler/Furnace program has been spent or is reserved for Step One Applicants. At this time the PUC is accepting applications for a waiting list. The PUC is unable to predict if additional funding will be available to continue the program. If funding does become available, funds will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis beginning with those on the waiting list.

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