Why Energy Storage ?

  • Reduce electricity bills
  • Be better prepared for power outages and natural disasters
  • Use your solar system more effectively
  • Be more independent from the electric grid
  • Reliable power both on and off the electric grid
  • Your electricity provider may well make it difficult to use solar in the near future
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sonnen batterie

sonnen1Sonnen is a German company who has been manufacturing this battery appliance for some time now. There are 10,000 units installed worldwide.

The Sonnenbatterie is capable of several functions, battery backup, off grid electric systems and  power management. 

While our utility tariff does not include time of use metering and we have not seen a reduction in net metering value, these two things loom large on the horizon. In an effort to find solutions for the changing regulatory landscape we have been looking at battery technologies. We have spent the last two years following SonnenBatterie and staying in contact to be trained and ready for their release in the US. 

sonnen2We have also been following Tesla and while their battery shows huge promise and an aggressive price, availability is still unclear. While Sonnen has a large installed base, Tesla is just getting started. Beyond that the Tesla battery has none of the software and hardware capabilities of the Sonnen. 

We look forward to offering both solutions. In the meantime we have a Sonnebatterie in our office and look forward to working with all of you to meet your on going energy needs.

Greater Energy Independence with the sonnenBatterie

Charge your sonnenBatterie during the day and use the energy at night. The sonnenBatterie uses self-learning, predictive software to make the best use of your energy, increasing your energy autonomy by producing and storing 100% of the energy you need.

Go Off-Grid with sonnenBatterie

Full integration with off-grid energy sources - solar and generators. Simplify complete utility autonomy by producing and storing 100% of the energy you need. sonnenBatterie uses safe and reliable lithium-ion technology - No lead acid battery hassles and longer lasting power

Gain full visibility into your energy production and consumption with sonnenApp and web portal

Integrate your smart home devices to optimize energy efficiency. Our fully automated energy management software optimizes your energy usage. Built-in, intelligent energy management includes weather forecasting

Best in Class Energy Storage

Join the sonnenBatterie Energy Revolution TODAY!

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