Seacoast Energy Alternatives - Installation gallery

Seacoast Energy Alternatives is a designer and supplier of solar hot water and electric systems. We do not have full time installers and there are several reasons why we have set up our system this way. First, Jay Lawrie, who is a shareholder in SEA, has been in the building business for over 30 years. Jay manages all the installations because he has more experience with building structures, roof structures and sub contractors then most solar installers will ever have. Not only are we concerned that your systems work as designed but we are also very conscious of how they will look on your building. A sloppy install is nothing for you or us to be proud of. Jay not only insures that the technical details are in order but also that the mounting, plumbing and wiring are neat and attractive.

We hire local plumbers and electricians who agree to work to our high standards and make the extra effort to study the aspects of the jobs they are asked to complete. We connect them directly with our technical resources throughout the industry so they are thoroughly versed in the tasks required.

Not only are we concerned that your installation go smoothly, but the long term performance of your system is an important issue as well. Having the plumber or electrician who installed your system living locally and available for service is an important part of our planning. They are in the business of maintaining plumbing and electrical systems for all their customers and your solar system becomes part of that long standing service.

We could hire employees to carry out these tasks but they would not have the experience we find in our local trades people. In addition, as the market fluctuates it is not uncommon to have the need to adjust staffing levels. We could easily lose an installer as an employee, but as independent contractors, our plumbers and electricians are better positioned to survive what will no doubt be a rapidly changing economy.


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