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My wife and I have been burning wood for a very long time, since 1977 actually. I still remember that first Fisher stove, one huge hunk of steel plate but WOW did it heat our entire PA farm house. When we moved to NH we installed a hot air wood furnace, a cavernous beast in our dirt basement, because by then we were convinced wood was a great heating bargain. Then when we moved to Barrington we got a used Vermont Castings Defiant Stove. It was the first time we had a heating appliance that was as good looking as it was efficient.

Things have changed.

Over the last several years wood stove makers have been very busy making stoves more efficient and cleaner. The Vermont Castings stove we used for the last ten years was only about 20-30% efficient. That means two things actually. We were not getting the most from the fuel source but we were also pumping smoke and soot out the chimney in levels that were too high.

Modern stoves now employ re-burning systems to take the smoke and soot and re-combust it to both burn cleaner and more efficiently. Regardless of the consideration that wood represents fairly recently captured carbon, it is still carbon going into the atmosphere. The other consideration is that no matter how much wood you burn, you would always like to burn less. A year ago I set myself a personal goal to get from four cords of wood per season down to two to provide whole house heat. A new wood stove is a big part of that plan (along with a home energy audit that has me chasing infinitesimally small leaks that make a large impact on heat loss. More on this topic later.) Going from 20-30% to 60-80% efficiency is a dramatic improvement in burn technology and today’s wood stoves deliver. By taking the gasses from the initial combustion, and bringing them back through the burn chamber you can get much higher efficiency and a much cleaner burn. Everybody wins.

All the Napoleon stoves we carry meet the EPA standard for clean burning, which means you will not only save money on fuel and generate less carbon dioxide and soot. The Napoleon is a basic well made efficient woodstove. They are the perfect choice for those who want heat at low cost and high efficiency.

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We also carry the Hwam Danish woodstoves and fireplaces. Hwan really is a stunning example of woodstove as furniture. You have to see these to really understand the value of good design, and the Europeans are way ahead of us in the design and manufacture of high efficiency stoves. The fireplace in particular is a prime example of less is more. With just a tinted glass plate showing the stove might be hard to distinguish from a big screen tv except for the heat output!

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1900 Pedestal

Napoleon 1900 Pedestal -
Heating 3500 sq. ft.

Hwam Monet

HWAM Monet Series - Soapstone